Derma roller heads for Eyes, Face and Body

DRS 025/1/2.5

Microneedles on a roll. Set consists of 3 heads and one handle.

- head contains 1200 needles with a length of 2.5 mm (body)

- head contains 600 needles with a length of 1.0 mm (to face)

- head contains 180 needles with a length of 0.25 mm (the area around the eyes and hard to reach places)

ONLY for individual use.

Price for the entire set.

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49,99 zł tax incl.

-15,01 zł

65,00 zł tax incl.

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1. Synthesis of collagen - producing new collagen fibers

2. Reduction and partial reduction of scarring (acne, surgical, liposuction)

3. Lightening pigmentation spots

4. The shallowness thick and removing shallow wrinkles

5. Narrowing of dilated blood vessels

6. Create a new layer of the epidermis

7. Remove the scars of hair transplantation

8. Reduces cellulite

9. The narrowing pores