Stadiopasta – ointment for injuries and injuries 250 ml


STADIOPASTA is the best of creamy pastes based on green argilli and plant extracts with analgesic effect, used to reduce bruising and swelling. It protects and has a softening and relaxing effect on the skin.

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Stadiopasta – ointment for injuries and injuries

250 ml

Stadiopasta 250 ml is a creamy paste based on green argilli, plant extracts, aromatic oils. It has a multidirectional effect that reduces swelling and pain, thus facilitating the return to mobility. Stadiopasta has a protective softening and relaxing effect. The characteristic smell of its ingredients is forever remembered by everyone who has had contact with it. The product is intended to be applied to the skin.

Composition of Stadiopasty:

  • argilla green
  • extract of mallow horse chestnut, calendula and arnica
  • aromatic oils of mugo pine, rosemary, lavender, mint

How to use Stadiopasta?

1. Apply a 2-3mm layer of Stadiopasty evenly to the pain site.
2. Wrap the place of use with foil to avoid getting clothes, bedding, etc. dirty. It also ensures better absorption of natural ingredients by the skin.
3. Leave for a few hours or overnight. Before the next use, wait a few hours, repeat as needed.

How long can Stadiopasta be used?

Stadiopasta 250 ml is valid for 12 months from the first use.

  • Avoid contact of the paste with sensitive parts of the body (eyes, nose, mucous membranes).
  • Do not apply to irritated or rubbed skin.
  • The product should be protected from children!
  • If the pain and swelling persist or worsen after about 1 week of use, seek medical advice.

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