You may return product purchases in the online shop without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment. This is possible only if the product was not used, damaged, and in the case of goods packed sterile-not opened!

You cannot return a partial of the contents of the package. Amount of the returned merchandise (no shipping costs) we pay within 7 working days from the moment of receipt of the returned goods, specified by the customer's bank account, after verification of the content of the returned goods for use and undamaged. Shop does not accept any shipments sent cash on delivery.

Returned goods should be returned at your expense with a copy of proof of purchase to the address of the company:

TCM Poland

42-200 Częstochowa

Al. NMP 77/17

Marked "return".


If after receipt of the goods the customer will find the defects or finds non-compliance received goods with the item you are ordering should send it by post to our address:

TCM Poland

42-200 Częstochowa

Al.  NMP 77/17

Shop does not accept any shipments sent cash on delivery. The costs associated with returning the goods store returns immediately after receipt and consideration of the complaint. To which is returned goods must be accompanied by an invoice or receipt and a description of the reason for the complaint. Any complaints are dealt with within 5 working days from the date of their receipt. Goods damaged will be replaced with a new full, and if it is no longer possible (for example, due to stocks), the buyer will return the equivalent of the price of goods or offer him to choose other available goods.