Acupuncture / Dry needling

Four simple massages. Practical guide

PROMOTION Cztery proste masaże. Praktyczny przewodnik


  • Number of pages: 120;
  • Binding: soft;
  • Last release date: 2019;
  • Author: Zdzisław Drobner

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AutorZdzisław Drobner
Rok wydania2019
Ilość stron120

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Four simple massages. Practical guide

How to quickly relax after a whole day of stress and chasing? With this book you will quickly and effectively relax tense muscles, get rid of back pain and recharge yourself with energy. You will learn simple massage techniques derived from different cultures, developed by an authority in the field of massage. The author is a specialist in Chinese massage, acupuncture and manual therapy. You do not have to be a professional masseur to master the four simple techniques described. You will discover the positive effect of the relaxing massage "Żabka", which relaxes the muscles and can be a form of partner massage. For painful diseases of the spine, you will apply a massage according to Rudolf Breuss, with elements of bioenergy therapy. 7-line massage is part of the Traditional Chinese Massage. It relieves and relieves back pain. A lot of energy will give you a simple Indian massage. Deep relaxation and relaxation every day.

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