Acupuncture / Dry needling

Chinese medicine in practice


by Montakab Hamid

Publisher: Galaxy


Release Date:2017-06-12

Number of pages:592


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Chinese medicine in practice

The book explores the basic theories of Chinese medicine from the perspective of a doctor educated in both Western and Oriental medicine. It explains the main principles of Chinese medical thought and various dialectical systems. In a practical way, it presents the physical and, above all, energetic structure of the body, the system of channels, the concepts of health and disease, and the very original Chinese diagnostic system. It emphasizes the individual assessment of the constitution and temperament of the patient.

The last chapter, written in collaboration with various experts, outlines not only the four pillars of Chinese therapy (acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet, tuina massage and qigong exercises), but also other forms of Chinese practice that are now recognized as contributing to maintaining health, such as mental improvement, astrology, feng shui, and even yi jing. The book is well documented and additionally includes an appendix Acupuncture based on scientific evidence.

"Chinese medicine in practice" due to the detailed and at the same time simple layout of the content is an excellent tool for both beginners and advanced therapists. It can also be recommended to the layman as a detailed introduction to the concept of Chinese medicine.

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