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Model of the lower limb of a person - elastic hip and knee joint + foot

M R 6069

A life-size anatomical model depicting the skeleton of the lower limb with flexible and mobile joints. Ideal for doctors and physiotherapists. The model will be perfect as an element of equipment for anatomical and natural science laboratories.

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Model of the lower limb of a person - elastic hip and knee joint + foot

The anatomical model of the lower limb of a person with flexible and motor joints is dedicated to medical students, therapists and doctors.


  • The model has the following flexible joint connections:
    • Flexible foot (flexible upper and lower hock, flexible metatarsus, flexible middlefoot joints)
    • Elastic hip girdle,
    • Flexible knee joint
  • It is possible to decompose the model into individual elements: half of the pelvis, femur, leg (tibia, fibula), foot.
  • Individual joints have been connected using elastic rubber, thanks to which it is possible to perform translational movements (in the hip, knee and ankle joints) and to present real anatomical mobility.


  • Life-size bone model of the lower limb - 1:1
  • Manufacturer: Erler Zimmer
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Code: 6069


  • thighbone
  • podudity (tibia, fibula)
  • foot


  • Ideal for learning anatomy
  • Designed for physiotherapists, osteopaths, therapists and anatomy lovers

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