Biomagnetic teas and cups

Teas from the pharmacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine: green, white, black, red, yellow, Pu Erh, blooming, all over the world are known and valued for their taste qualities, excellent taste and smell. The traditional art of tea brewing, integral to Chinese philosophy, has been formed over thousands of years and is cultivated to this day. The recipe of Chinese tea is based on the Old Chinese principle of the balance of life forces yin and yang. According to this principle, tea harmonizes the basic functions of our body and strengthens its most important organs.


Among our customers, the following are popular:

  • NingHongHealth Protection tea - strengthens the body, facilitates defecation,
  • Fei Yan Tea 20 sachets - for people who have problems with overweight, metabolism and appetite,
  • Black Yunnan tea in cubes - regulates cholesterol levels and stimulates metabolism,
  • Green Jasmine tea pressed in cubes - regulates the work of the digestive and circulatory systems,
  • Pu Erh red tea pressed in cubes - relieves the effects of alcohol consumption, prevents the formation of free radicals, reduces the absorption of fat in the intestines, calms,
  • Green tea pressed in cubes - cleanses and slims down,
  • Pu Erh tea with jasmine pressed in cubes - great for slimming, for a hangover, for cleansing the body, for strengthening immunity, improving memory and concentration, and it has an anti-allergic effect.

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