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Meridius (Korea) 

Meridius (Korea)

At Meridius®, we believe in a world of well-being and interconnectedity where people of all fitness levels can live better with an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to help anyone who wants to move better, heal faster, and live healthier lives by combining high-quality, professional products and programs that push physical and mental boundaries.

Try Meridius® products today and dare to challenge!

Our commitment to you is simple. We always make sure that you get the best, most reliable acupuncture and physiotherapy products, manufactured and tested by renowned scientists and athletes to meet the exact needs and expectations of the human body.

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We are passionate
Everything we do, we do with passion. We believe that the best way to help others, to become a better version of themselves, is to engage. That is why we are always happy to help locals
organizations attract more people to the active lifestyle movement and sponsor charity events.

We are responsible
Choosing people over money is our way of being responsible. Leaving the world a little better than we found it, it gives us the determination to sponsor young, thriving athletes and empower them to be more than just successful athletes, but also successful individuals.

We are responsible
The basis of our activity is quality control. We are responsible for our products and programs. If there is something that does not meet your expectations, please contact our team and we will do everything in our power to fix it.

We are determined
To achieve the change we want to see in the world, we can never settle for anything less than our best level. We are constantly trying to outperperm ourselves in terms of quality and customer service. Only by educating our staff and listening to our customers can we hope to achieve greatness. So do not be ashamed and share your opinion with us.

Meridius® ECO is a series of high-quality, reliable stainless steel acupuncture needles with a Korean-style spring handle generally preferred by traditionalists. Gamma sterilization allows the product to be used for up to 5 years from the date of manufacture, making it more convenient for both occasional users and clinics.

The eco-friendly box contains 50 smaller boxes with 10 needles in each bag with 1 guide tube, making it easy to transport and store in medical bags. Meridius® ECO can be used during moxibution or electro-acupuncture sessions thanks to the 100% stainless steel handle. We make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment, which is why Meridius® ECO uses less cardboard and plastic for packaging.